Sunday, August 5, 2012

I am not a runner.

Background: In all of my public schooling I was never the kid who excelled in sports, never. I could hardly run a mile and my P.E. teachers often had little hope in me. It wasn't until my Junior year that I joined the Tennis team (because it was a non-cut sport haha). I was not very good at Tennis, really I was just the kid to laugh at because I was so uncoordinated- I was fine with that. Someone has to be the loser and I have always been content with taking that role. I have never been a fan of competition and I really don't like competitive attitudes. Overall I was a master at being the loser. 

8 months ago when I came back for winter break I decided, with a friend, to run every few days. We planned on just 2 miles and the first time we ran it I thought I was going to die. 2 miles eventually turned into 4 then 6 and a few weeks before I went back to school we were at 9.5 miles. We had signed up for a 1/2 Marathon (13.1) in March but chickened out after trying the course and dying. Trail running is NOT road running- we were beginners and had no idea. Trail running works so many more muscles and you just have to run completely different to maneuver the turns of the narrow trails. However since we paid for it we could not back out but switched our run to August 4th, 2012. Yesterday I ran a 1/2 Marathon. Hallelujah it's over! For the past 5 months or so the stress of this run has been lurking in the back of my mind and now it's gone and I feel so relieved. It took my friend and I an hour longer than we hoped but because of the difficult course I was fine with just finishing. 




What really made the finish for me was having our friends there. We just got off the trail and onto the flat, wide road again ( I thought it would be a smooth finish, that was not the case) and I just about gave up and then I see a group of girls and they start cheering. It felt like it took forever to get to them and I knew once I got there I would still have to run a little more to the finish but it was nice to have supporters.
And here they are:

I still don't think I am a runner. But I am amazed at where I have come from. The girl who couldn't even run a mile just finished a 1/2 Marathon. 

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  1. Yep you did! And that's something to be proud of.