Saturday, September 29, 2012

Straight up!

Yesterday I hiked up 'R' Mountain (Menan Butes) along with my two friends and two of our FHE brothers. We were very wise in our decision to hike it at night. We started at 6:30 just as the sun was making it's way down. On our way up we got to a point where we could go the safer but longer way, or the faster and steeper way. Of course we went the faster way being the lazy college kids we are. It was quite steep and required a few stops but it was well worth it, the view was amazing.

A little further up Janelle and Eric found a great nook!  Haha they fit perfectly.

After the long climb the breeze felt WONDERFUL and I just wanted to stay up there forever!

    We got to the 'canyon' looking part and I really wanted a picture to show the big cliff/dip area. Eric did his best but it doesn't really show the whole thing. However, I think watching Eric run all the way around to get in the picture was well worth it. 

Right before my camera died we snapped this great picture. This time we were literally on the ledge!

It was a really fun night and ended it with a trip to Wendy's for fries and frostys and a night of Just Dance 3!

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