Saturday, September 29, 2012

Temple to Temple Relay 2012

On Saturday September 22, my friends and I ran the Temple to Temple Relay. We started at 7:40 am to a rocky start because sweet little Janelle (tallest one) wouldn't head to our council and started late. It was fun to watch her scurry as fast as she could to the start line while the other relayers were already on their way. Janelle didn't really run her 2.7 mile leg, she more like fast-paced walked it. She's a funny one. 
Next up was dear ole' Marykins. She ran 3.5 miles I believe and she did it very well ending her leg near a farm...didn't smell so swell.
Chelsea was up next for the massive 7.2 leg. She is a born runner. I envy her for that. She didn't really train for this race- well none of us really did :) About half way through we thought she was going to die, but she didn't- thankfully. I adore this girl and I was so proud of her so when she was nearing the exchange zone (i was up next), I tried to give her a hug. Didn't work, I think I might have made her pain worse but I had to go- my leg had started. 
 So my preparation for this race included well, nothing. Haha. I ran a 1/2 marathon on 8/4 but that doesn't mean a thing. I am not one of those few people who can continually compete without training. I need months and months to feel confident. So I went into this race trying not to think about it. Within minutes I was passed my so many people it took a lot to keep going, but I did. I wanted to lay in the grass so many times but I didn't. The first 2 miles went by fast, then the 3rd was okay, but the 4th was awful. It felt so long and then I saw the 4mile marker and I wasn't even to the exchange zone yet? hah.  

I passed on the snappy to Janae. She is amazing. She ran 6.4 miles, the most she has ever run in her life. I really love taking pictures of her because she always looks so great, even in mid-stride.I just had to blow it up. Janae's too cool, glad she's my friend.

 Next up was dear Julie...she's a pro as well. Didn't even look tired at the end even though she ran 6.8 miles- and she's a mamma. What swell ladies I associate myself with.

 This was while we were cheering on Julie, I'd say it's a good picture.

Julie passed on the snappy to Megan. She is quite athletic so we thought this would be super easy for her. She ran a 4 miler like me and it ended up being a tough experience. But she finished strong and faster than me. :)

   This is my FAVORITE picture of the bunch. Becky, in the white ran the last leg and we thought we'd help her out at the end and run the last bit with her. It was a great sight seeing my lovely friends coming on over. And I am especially glad I captured this. I can't help but smile. 

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