Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"his hand is stretched out still"

Quick Post. 

As I was reading tonight I cam across the familiar phrase
 "For all this his anger is not turned away, but his had is stretched out still". 
(where I was reading was 2 Nephi 15, one of the Isaiah chapters)

I sat and pondered this phrase for a bit, trying to find out what it meant to me

I decided that it gives me HOPE, as it should to you as well. 

After a few verses of listing the sins of the people and a few more scary verses at what would be some consequences this phrase is stated. To me it means that despite all the bad that people do, even neglecting their Lord, he will not turn away. He will always keep his had stretched out still. 

It means he loves us. It's that simple. He loves us, and he is waiting and hoping for our return to him. 

It really warms my heart to know that he will never forget, neglect, or give up on us. 

Despite what we may think of ourselves. He will never think we are not good enough to return to him. As long as we put forth the effort and find our way back to the straight and narrow path he will be there constantly to cheer us on.. 

We have to put forth the effort to find him. If we endure all the trials that come our way, he will be there at the end with his hand stretched out still ready to grasp onto ours as we make it, and once we do- he will never let go, because he never has

I yearn for that day. For the comfort and joy that I know will fill my soul when I can return to the loving arms of my Heavenly Father and thank my Savior. 

I yearn for that day. And I will make it.


  1. Ok, that was super awesome!

    I read the Book of Mormon one time watching for the phrase "Come unto Me." It's EVERYWHERE! What you said is so true!