Monday, December 24, 2012

Mission Papers...

I know many people thought I started my mission papers too early and there was reason in that- I have no luck. My dental records are in WA and my medical are in UT, both sent from ID and now I have to wait- patiently to figure this out so I can get a move on with the process and have my interviews. I am so eager! But perhaps patience is something I was meant to work on. This process has been difficult since I've been doing it mostly on my own, with help from a certain Ashley :) But I think I've grown up in the process. Taking on more responsibility than I've had to before to get some sort of 'insurance' and be willing to fork over quite a bit of money for dental/medical visits/work. It feels good to be an adult though.


  1. I have been so impressed by how much you've done on your own! I'm glad I can help with whatever you need!

    You'll get them in at the right time and you'll go to the right place. I just know it!