Wednesday, January 2, 2013

just waiting....

I am so anxious for my mission call, it's unbelievable. I cannot wait to have the interviews. Since deciding to serve a mission now, I've had a lot of nerves. Mainly because I didn't think that I knew enough to go now but just yesterday, I felt very strongly that it was all going to be great. I had a really calm feeling come over me. The Lord knows that I love Him and His Church, He will help me in the months to come, I know it. 
I just spent a good hour watching people open up their mission calls. It is so wonderful to know that there are so many other kids my age out in this world that feel so strongly about their Savior as I do to desire to serve a mission for Him. 
I'll continue to record my thoughts as it gets closer, I am patiently waiting out the days until I will receive my call.
I wish that I was around more of my family and friends for the opening, but thank goodness for technology!

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