Sunday, January 20, 2013

life is so confusing

So I love animals. I LOVE whales and always thought I'd work with them. However, I am getting these feelings lately that being a marine biologist is not what I should be going to school for. I think I would be extremely happy just volunteering at a marine rehabilitation center or some place like it. As I've heard volunteering is pretty much how you get jobs anyway. 
Also, lately I've become very interested in herbs and essential oils. I don't know if I'd be good at it, well I don't really know what you do exactly but I think I might want to be an herbalist. I just like the idea of having my own garden, making my own concoctions and then playing with animals in my free time. Sounds pretty serene.
I'm also interested in massage. Oh! How life changes. :)
Good thing I'll be on my mission for 1.5 years, so I've got time to figure it out. 
It's just weird. I always thought I'd live far away, not in WA. But I now think I want to live in WA, I've realized how important it is to be close to family, something I didn't get when I was in High School. Not saying I want to live in the same town, oh, heck no! Haha. But it would be nice to see my mom, grandma, siblings, and friends every once in a while.
Don't worry, I'll still have my adventures ;)
And I will definitely swim with whales, no one will stop that from happening!

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  1. Interesting...I'm excited to see what the future brings!