Tuesday, January 15, 2013

short thought...

So I've been reading Jesus the Christ and the last part I read was about how Christ was tempted. It was interesting because it pointed out that Christ was able to be tempted. We think, most often about Him as an individual who was perfect and could not be tempted. But He was, and that makes Him even greater. The book discussed how He was mortal and could be tempted just as we are, but since He was also immortal He did have the power to ease His temptations, but He never did. He could have made food appear when He was hungry, but He didn't. I think this shows how great of a man He is, He truly did suffer all that we have and even more. I'm grateful that He honored His calling, to be our Savior, and that He did all that His father asked. That, even in His weakest state He was able to fight off temptation. What a man.

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