Tuesday, February 19, 2013

and life continues...

The hype of receiving my mission call is slowly fading. However about every two seconds I remember I'm going on a mission and have a mini-panic attack. ( I just tried to spell panic the German way, whoops). 
Speaking about the lovely subject of German, I bought a German hymnal yesterday- It's wonderful. I love that language. 

Sunday was a beautiful day; I don't think Sundays are ever anything but beautiful. I was set apart as the Relief Society secretary. In the setting apart I was blessed with the ability to be an example to those around me and my family, to have focus and direction, and to know that Heavenly Father loves me. I needed to hear all of that. Again, another reason why I love Sundays :) 
I'm so excited to serve with the RS presidency. I just love the president, she's an RM and pretty swell. 

Besides all that, life is fairly boring. School, work, school, more work...haha. I love my job. But I also love days off! 

Today I attempted to run again. It's been a few months. and, I died. But it made me motivated to start regularly running again. 6 months ago I ran a 1/2 marathon, today I could barely run 1.5 miles. I'd like to be up to a steady 3 by the time I leave on my mission. I also have this desire to go swimming all the time now, I'll have to get in all the swimming I can when I get home to WA. 

and on that note! I'm coming home April 22-23!!!!! So excited. I know SLC was the right choice for me now and it's a great place to be pre-mission. BUT I miss my family! and the ocean! So I'll have 6 weeks to soak it all in before I'm off to the desert! 

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