Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm going on a mission

So I thought it was about time that I post this...
I'm going on a mission!

I'll be serving in the Arizona Tempe Mission, I leave June 5 for 18 months!

It's scary, oh so scary- but extremely exciting too. 
I will be honest- I was shocked to read Arizona. I knew it was where the Lord wanted me to go, but I had no idea why.
I'm an ocean person, Arizona's the desert.
I like cute animals, Arizona has snakes.
I like moss and trees, Arizona has cacti.

I really thought that I would not be going somewhere so close to my home state or where I am now. Tempe is only about 9 hours from SLC. However, day by day I get more excited about Arizona. I'm sure I will die when I arrive in the middle of summer and it's above 100 degrees. But I'll learn to love it. 

I'm most excited to serve the Lord and increase my knowledge of His gospel.

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  1. It will be hot, but I'm sure you're going to grown to love it!