Thursday, April 11, 2013

chilling in the Assembly Hall

So Saturday night I had to work. Ehh, not so fun. BUT I did get a pretty sweet opportunity. 

I got to work at 9:30, sashayed on over to the Tabernacle to pick up 2 volunteers then we made our way over to the Assembly Hall.

Beautiful, right? Now imagine it late at night with no one around. Even more beautiful. 
Anywho, we get inside- I tell the lovely gentlemen what to do. I had told one guy to sweep the wood, he thought I meant benches. When I came back from getting other supplies he was 'sweeping' the benches with the dust mop head. I just stared at him. It was so funny! He felt pretty dumb though. 

Onward, I disenfected railings while the other two did the floors then I used the oh so lovely back-vac to suck up the crumbs that all the very considerate people left for us to clean. 

This is what the inside of the Assembly Hall looks like

BAM!  Gorgeous!

Anywho, then my co-worker came with all her volunteers from the TAB and asked if we needed help, we didn't. Early my supervisor had come to tell me that when we were finished to take our volunteers to the North Visitors Center to help vacuum. I asked my co-worker to do that while I cleaned up our supplies. She said wait right here until I come back( we were supposed to clean the back of house at the Assembly Hall (the area that isn't public access) together and she didn't' want to loose me)

I finished putting things away and sat there waiting, and waiting. It had been 10 minutes so I sucked it up and used what little radio skills I had to call my supervisor and ask what I should do. She told me to start cleaning the back of house. Needless to say it took quite some time for my co-worker to come back so in the meantime I got to hang out in the back of the Assembly Hall ALL BY MYSELF! It was pretty awesome. 

There are two lounge rooms back there where speakers, etc get ready and then downstairs there is a room that looks like a classroom (this building is often where they held church back in the day), the chairs were wooden and old. The chandelier obviously held candles but now 'fake' ones. It was wonderful to feel the spirit back there, knowing that so many saints built this place so that they could have a refuge, a place to learn and feel at peace. 

It was a pretty cool shift. Much better than cleaning toilets for 4 hours ;)
I actually like toilets. Vacuuming on the other hand.....let's just say that I need to find a man who likes to vacuum- or a house with no carpet. haha

Oh and here is a pick of a stair case, there is a lock on it but my co-workers and I were thinking that it was probably a room for the prophet since the building was finished before the temple. 

pretty cool.

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  1. Such a cool story! Back when I was in high school, my choir sang at the Assembly Hall at least twice a year so I know which room you're talking about in the back. FYI - if you're loud in there, everyone in the audience can hear you.