Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I should be fired.

I have to write this down before I forget it! 

So I've done some pretty stupid things at work before. For example: having the right key but not being able to open a door (happens far too often), putting the key in upside down, pressing the wrong button, thinking magic erasers were 'magic' and didn't need water to work (I still think it's false advertising, can't be magic if it doesn't work by itself).

 Well, tonight I topped it all off. I finished my floor super early (oh if you haven't caught on I'm a custodian for the Church, I work nights in the Family History Library/Church History Museum) anywho I finished my floor and went to help another person finish their job. We decided to mop the freight elevator so I got the bucket and put the chemical in, I put the hose in the bucket and went to turn the water on. It shot out! 

The water hit the bottom of the bucket and bounced back into my face. I only think I got maybe two or three little splashes of the chemical. The girl I was working with and I thought about it and decided that I should probably use the emergency saline solution eye wash just in case. I got the bottle out and opened it(not as easy as it sounds). The spout hole was much larger than I thought, there was no way I could manage the flow and squirt it into my eyes in a civil manner. Yeah. 

So I contemplated what to do and then had my co-worker pour the solution in for me. Gah! I hate things close to my eyes. She thought it would be a good idea to pour a little bit in the cap and then pour it in my eyes. That was difficult, especially since every time she came near I dodged.

Oh yes, and let me explain how this looked. I was in the tiny tiny janitor closet sitting on the ground and my head was leaning over the 'tub/drain' part of the closet where we fill stuff up. My co-worker was standing over me trying to slowly pour this solution in my eyes. 

After a few failed attempts we managed to get some solution in my eyes. However, I didn't think it was enough so I took the ridiculous bottle and dumped it on my face! Yep, saline solution running down my face, down the back of my shirt, in my mouth. It was great. I did it three times or so, couldn't stop laughing the entire time and my co-worker couldn't either. I was drenched, my mouth tasted like the ocean, but my eyes were clean. I hope. 

It was a hilarious night. 

I suggest they make the hole of the bottle much smaller so that you can control the flow and not tsunami your face. 

Am I an Idiot, maybe. Should I be fired, yes. My lead is too kind. 

I'm glad I could bring joy to my co-workers. They can experience stupidity through me. 

Oh yes, and all this could have been avoided if I was a good employee who wore their PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) AKA: Glasses. 

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  1. I'm so glad to read the whole story. That's pretty funny! But haven't we all done stupid stuff at work? For example, I fell off my shoes when running for the phone one time. Needless to say, I no longer own those shoes.