Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm in a blogging mood, enjoy!

So I bought this hairdryer/straightener set online off of one of those discount sites (still debating if they're a scam)...anywho, it was a mini set. I thought small-ish. 


Hello, baby hairdryer and straightener- welcome to the family!

Oh yes, and ignore my face/hair I'm on day 2 of the no-poo method. I really like it! AND super duper cheap! Just baking soda with water then vinegar with water! Simple, no chemicals, cheap. What more could I ask for. I started it now, in hopes that my hair will be happy with it in 2 months time. 

moving on, here's a picture with Ma and Pa- just to give you an idea of HOW SMALL these two are. 

Cray Cray. 

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  1. Those are TINY! But if they work, they're perfect!