Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Part two: The MTC... Missionaries To the resCue

My lovely sisters

The District! Oh how I love these Elders and Sisters

My Comp, Sis S. 

I was a pro letter writer...

daily spiritual gems learned at the MTC

study those scriptures!

nothing more adorable than an old man taking a Sunday stroll at the temple.  

hang loose, my friends. 

hey look mexico!

um, not quite. But I love AZ more!

We sang in the choir for the first MTC devotional held in the Marriott center!

we are as the army of Helaman...

What a treat, my celebrity crush wants to give me an immunization? Of course, George, no need to ask. 

In-Field training...a day full of everything they couldn't fit into your brain in 11 days. 

almost there!

Greatest MTC teacher ever! Sister Card...or international model? you decide.

Elder Bagley! Eric was in my FHE group at BYUI- one of the most genuine kids I know! I know he is working hard in Mexico. *we randomly saw each other, it was quite exciting*

Branch Presidency

The Spirit just fills you up at the MTC

I LOVE these sisters, they mean a lot to me. 

What I wrote under my desk. We referred to ourselves as the Fellowship. I'm 99% positive that Elder B. came up with it. That funny little 18 yr old. 

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