Sunday, May 11, 2014

Two or so weeks ago I had a spontaneous and wonderful amount of energy and creativity and I did my best to use it up while I had it. A few things I created during that time were:

A 'study' binder for two YW in my home ward that I'm attempting to help learn the missionary lessons, I'm pretty sure they're already amazing and don't need my help. 

I also made a Christlike attributes page, hopefully some good advice in there somewhere!

And then to the most awesome and possibly happiest project I've ever done-

So pretty much I know this extraordinary missionary that deserved a package full of love, she's just too great! And while I was staring at the package to decorate it a thought came into mind- a box has 4 sides and there are 4 missionary lessons! plus a side for a BOM explanation and address label, perfect!

It's not in order, but enjoy!

my favorite :)

keep the commandments, say what?!

Happy Day, it was lots of fun!

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